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Lab - Equipment


The failure analysis and energy laboratory is well-equipped with a variety of machines and instruments.

The quantity and variety of equipment is very extensive. To identify the devices they will be separated into categories associated with their predominant role.

Some equipment is portable for on-site use while other demands the unique features associated with our laboratory facilities.
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 orifice plate

Gas & Oil

The following is a sampling of the test equipment that we can provide in-lab or on-site.

+  Manometer - digital
+  Precision temperature
    - infrared
    - thermocouple
    - air-stream
+  Orifice meter
+  Leak testing - water & gas
+  Gas supplies - propane & air
+  Pressure bomb & Gas Analysis

The following by necessity are in-lab facilities.
+  Long term exposure testing
+  Elevated temperature testing
+  Test well - 700 feet


Digital X-ray services are available as required.

Lab devices

The following is a sampling of the standard laboratory instruments we use.

+  Digital microscope
+  Portal digital microscope
+  Electronic oscilloscope
+  Computer controlled data logging
+  Volt-OhmMeters
+  Power meters
+  Multiple temperature sensors
+  Partial Discharge monitor
+  200,000 VDC hi potential power
+  150,000 VAC hi potential power
+  Multiple meggars
+  Mechanical stress machine
+  Pressure vessels
+  Ovens & heat sources


Often failure analysis must be done on-site. Several devices are carried for investigation of incidents and failures. Other devices are available as required.

+  Ground resistance
+  Circuit tracing(short & open circuit)
+  Remote sea-snake camera
+  Electric & magnetic field +  IR temperature
+  Volt-Ohmmeter - digital
+  Ground fault CI tester
+  Energized circuit sensor

More Lab

Check the lab pages to see that we can make your project work.
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