Micro-Controller Design


A microcontroller is quite simply a computer and its interface on a chip. The chip performance has dramatically improved, while the cost has continued to drop. This makes it preferable to use one of these micro computers in virtually every digital design.

The most used microcontroller is the core architecture built around the Intel 8051 family. Many other manufacturers have added features and enhancements to make this the processor of choice in over half of all microcontroller designs. It is used in everything from telephones and computer keyboards to microwaves, automobiles, and television remotes. 

For that reason, our design team has focused our efforts to provide the best in software and hardware support to the 8051 family.

These pages provide a host of valuable information including excerpts from one of our books, Systems Design and the 8051.

Other information includes a general applications board design and numerous applications programs. This working code can be readily adapted to real world projects for industrial clients, university students, and the hobbyist tinkerer. 

For technical support, custom designs, or to order the book, please contact us.

The downloaded information is copyrighted. The information is provided here to expand the knowledge base. We ask you to give credit for any portion that you decide to use.




Schematic 2007 Assembler: Intel Asm

Software Compatibility Listing

P Board upload 2007 zip Assembler:AceBus.com Input/Output Test

Order instructions

  Delay Routine

Proto Board- Basic system

  Serial Communication

Protel Circuit Layout Basics .pdf

In-system prog: Atmel AT89ISP

Serial Download, Then Run Code from SRAM

In-system prog: Atmel AT89ISP update

Timers & Interrupts

PEEL Combinational Logic Source

ISP Connector Mmio / 7 Segment

PEEL Combinational Logic JED


C Compiler: Small Device

Liquid Crystal Display

C Compiler: Keil Evaluation

Serial Peripheral Interface / ADC bit bang
One-Page overview   Serial Peripheral Interface / ADC registers
Systems Design and the 8051 RS232 Serial Adapter Infrared Receiver