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Leadership Training
Leadership & Success is a tremendous series of books written by the principals. It is the most comprehensive treatise on developing  leaders. It covers topics including relationships, leadership styles, communications and presentations, culture, organizations, project development, risk management, quality, negotiations, legal issues, and ethics.

We provide training for your people in your environment. We have extensive business and university teaching and instruction experience.


“Suppose that you were willing to stretch yourself, willing to try  harder, determined to do more, then you can expect greater frustration than the next person, more humiliation than the next person, more setbacks than the next person. But as a result of this kind of courage, you can also expect greater success than the next person, you can experience the exhilaration of reaching heights most people only dream of. In other words, you can surpass yourself.” 

This quote is from my good friend Dr. Eden Ryl, a behaviorist, trainer, consultant and author. During the 1970's, she starred in a series of dramatic and exciting behavioral training films produced by Ramic Productions, Inc. Some of the titles include: “You Pack Your Own Chute,” “You Can Surpass Yourself,” “Grab Hold Of Today,” "The Pike Syndrome," and “The Joy Of Involvement.” Some of these classic films are still available! Contact us for more information.


Health is a critical element for any successful individual. The health topics are by a scientist and may appear very analytical. Nevertheless, they contain valuable insight. It is how you treat yourself as a complete person.

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