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Lab - Electrical Energy


Lightning, transients, and grounding research and design has been one of our unique niches. As such, we have developed a quality high-voltage, transient, and lightning simulation test lab.

In addition, our extremely low noise environment has allowed us to develop a very sensitive partial discharge monitoring system.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have performed cutting-edge research on low-energy ignition by electrical sources.

100,000 Volts AC

The 100,000 Volt AC supply is the cornerstone for most hi-voltage research and testing. This supports equipment evaluation and performance.

With burn-in capability, affirmative faults can be identified.
A second unit delivers 150,000 VAC and half-wave supply.
200kv dc

200,000 Volts DC

The 200,000 Volt dc supply yields hi-pot capability for break-down tests and insulation evaluation.

Lightning & Transient

Determination of the current capacity and wave response of protection networks requires very sophisticated laboratory instruments.

Any comparison requires a standardized test procedure. ANSI / IEEE C62 describes the industry-accepted waveform, applications, and test procedures.

A 1.2/50 wave-shape is used to evaluate open circuit or voltage responses. For short circuit or current responses, an 8/20 wave-shape is used.

Lab Facilities

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Partial Discharge

Partial Discharge monitoring is a cutting edge technology for evaluating impending failure of electrical power equipments. The technique applies a high voltage signal to the component being evaluated. The very low energy discharge is monitored. Typically the discharge is in the millivolt (mV) or picocoulomb (pC) region.

The process of monitoring such low level signals requires a very quiet electrical environment without outside noise or ground clutter.

Our isolated facility has proven to be one of the cleanest, most dependable partial discharge sites.

We have evaluated a wide array of products from high voltage cable, high temperature heaters, to high power motors.

Clients have included the leading manufacturers and largest companies in the world involved with the petro-chemical industry.

25,000 Discharge

The 25,000 Volt discharge device makes a point or blunt discharge to evaluate component response to electrical overvoltage.



Numerous additional instruments and machines are available in the laboratory. These are representative.

+  5,000 Volt meggar
+  Tri-field including electric and magnetic
+  Three-phase classic power
+  1,000 V surge protector tester
+  Ammeter - digital
+  Current clamp-on probes - 600A

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