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 Professional - Gov't

 About Us & Gov't

Professionals are regulated by and operate under the statutes and rules of various agencies.

Our professionals and company are licensed in many states as professional engineers. Our professionals are also state licensed electrical contractors. In addition, the Sr. Principal maintains a Federal Communication Commission General Radiotelephone license and an amateur extra license.

The following agencies are particularly involved in the failure, consulting, and energy business.

 Professional Engineers

The State Board for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors administers the licensing of engineers by Oklahoma Statute Title 59 Professions and Occupations. OS 59 Chapter 10 # 475 regulates engineering and land surveying. Practices are by "State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors" established by Oklahoma Administrative Rules, OAR Title 245:2. "Licensure and Practice of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors" are under OAR Title 245:15. Statue 59 Chapter 10 # 475.1 defines engineer. Our engineers are licensed in multiple states and maintain NCEES status.    more PE

 Construction Industries Board

The Construction Industries Board is responsible for regulating the construction industry under Oklahoma Statute Title 59 Professions and Occupations. The "Construction Industries Board Act" OS 59 Chapter 26A # 1000 regulates electrical, plumbing, and mechanical construction.  Electrical installations and contractors are governed by "Electrical License Act", OS 59 Chapter 40A # 1680". Practices are by "Electrical Industry Rules, Oklahoma Administrative Rules, OAR Title 158". "Electrical Industry Regulations" are under OAR Title 158:40. By OAR 158:40-1-4, the National Electrical Code is identified as the minimum electrical installation standard. Mechanical installations are under OAR Title 158:50. Plumbing rules are under OAR Title 158:30.<  Our principal engineers are licensed electrical contractors.    more CIB


The Federal Communication Commission regulates all public and wireless communications in the United States. The principal has maintained a Commercial General Radiotelephone License for more than 40 years and has an Extra Class Amateur Radio license.    more FCC


The professional associations and organizations are highlighted.     more associations

The CV of the professionals identifies their extensive experience and credentials.    more CV


The Corporation Commission is responsible for regulating utilities and industries by "Corporation Commission Act, Oklahoma Statute, OS Title 17".  "Corporation Commission Rules, Oklahoma Administrative Rules, OAR Title 165" identifies the practices of the OCC.
The oil and gas industry operates under OCC rules OAR Title 165:10. The utility practices operate under OCC rules OAR Title 165:35. The Standards of the IEEE including the National Electrical Safety Code have been adopted by the Commission under OAR 165:35-25-3. Telecommunications practices operate under OCC rules OAR Title 165:55. The NEC and NESC are adopted under OAR 165:55-13-20.

The principals have been accepted as experts for testimony before the Commission in utility and petroleum issues. The principals have also testified before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The principal engineers own and operate an oil and gas natural resources company.     more OCC

  Fire Marshal

The State Fire Marshal agency is charged with the responsibility of enforcing the codes and standards relative to fire safety adopted by the State Fire Marshal Commission under the "Fire Marshal Act, Oklahoma Statute, OS Title 74 State Government.  OS 74 Chapter 11 #314-325". "State Fire Marshal Commission Rules, Oklahoma Administrative Rules, OAR Title 265:25-1-3" identify the incorporated national codes and standards. The Codes include recognized standards such as the NFPA. The principals are voting members of the NFPA electrical committee.    more FM

  State Electrical Safety

The state has mandated procedures to promote safety underOklahoma Statute, OS Title 63 "Public Health and Safety". Electricity greater than 600 Volts is under OS 63 Chapter  38 #  981-987". Our principals have been active in evaluating electrical hazards and providing training for individuals that are subject to this exposure.     more State


Liquefied petroleum gas is regulated by the "Oil & Gas Act, Oklahoma Statute, OS 52". The liquefied petroleum gas industry operates under "Liquefied Petroleum Gas Rules, Oklahoma Administrative Rules, OAR Title 420 and 422". The principal engineers have operated in the petroleum industry for many years.    more LPG

  City Ordinances

Each US City and jurisdiction has ordinances that supplement or modify other codes. These also provide for local licensing requirements. Locally utilities are controlled by franchises under Title 15. The building code is Title 51 and the Electrical Code is Title 52. Our principals have been licensed as contractors.     more OK Cities
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