Power & Machines

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Power & machines is is the driving force in electrical systems. A machine is simply a device that converts between electrical energy and another form of energy such as magnetic or mechanical.

Safety practices are also addressed in a straightforward, sometimes tongue-in-cheek format. It has proved very effective for the companies with which we have worked.

These files are a small compendium of some of the topics the technical executives have compiled over a number of years. Many of the topics are excerpts from a training manual developed for some of the largest corporations and electrical energy users in the world. Others are technical papers or articles published in leading journals and forums.

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We ask you to give credit for any information that you decide to use.

Electro Magnetic Energy

Application Fundamentals

Safety Guidelines

Machine Models

Generator ops

Safety Protection Equipment


Generator Loading

NEC Grounding

DC machine

Motor 50 /60 Hz Operation

Worldwide Voltages

AC machine

Motor Design & Application


DC Construction

Induction Motor Spec Sheet  


NEMA Design



Control Symbols

NEC Tables