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Economic, environment, and energy conditions have motivated interest in creative solutions by most large users.

Since the company's inception, we have provided unparalled synergy in development of energy solutions. Our foundation has been in traditional petroleum resources. Our elevation has been in diverse fields.

Electrical, magnetic, and mechanical energy conversion has been the basis of our designs, research, and university professorship.

What are your energy interests and needs? We are your energy solution.

Hybrid & Solar

Two of our engineers were early innovators, designers, and builders of hybrid electric vehicles.

We have worked in unique application of solar energy and use of steel in the earth as an electric energy storage system.

The energy effects of cathodic cells has been a topic of applications, research, and publications.
co2 recovery


In the 1980's, the principal proposed and managed projects involved with production of electricity, recovery of carbon dioxide, and injection into petroleum reservoirs for enhanced production. Various aspects of the projects exist to this day.

We have been members of IEEE synthetic fuel and IEEE renewable energy working groups.    more
 utility line


We have developed and constructed distributed systems for recovery of low energy levels and conversion to electrical energy.

The principal's doctoral research involved use of 3-phase motors to generate power into remote single-phase power systems.


We provide support to coal mines and coal power plants.

The principals have provided expert testimony to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and state Corporation Commission.

We have designed the electrical distribution system for coal mines as well as transmission and engineering support to coal plants.   more
oil production


The company grew out of the petroleum industry over 30 years ago. The petroleum industry has high economic risk, expensive equipment, and high energy environments.

The principals were oil & gas company executives and are independent oil and gas producers. Our clients include the largest companies.    more
 turbine gen


We have designed and managed electrical generation projects from 15 hp to 500 megawatts.

We negotiate power contracts for large users with utility suppliers.

Check our utility support page for more information.    more
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