What I Teach


Engineering Management
EE7073 is a graduate class open to any engineering discipline.  Case studies, guest lectures, and a professor with 20 years industrial management experience prepare the engineer for the transition to management.  Spring Semester.


ES 3083 covers economics of decision making.  Check our paper on changing paradigms for technologists.  The recommended books are best sellers in personal financial success.  Alternate semesters.


mProcessors in Design
EE 4263 is a microprocessor design class.  We start with a bag of parts and build a control computer.  Look at the manual and the downloads. Fall semester.

Machines & Instrumentation
EE3033 is the machines class that addresses electrical, magnetic, and mechanical considerations.  Students obtain parts, fabricate, and demonstrate a series of small scale projects that demonstrate the principles.  In addition, projects used in Instrumentation design are available.


Digital Design
EE2163 is the introductory class to logic, specifically as applied to true/false as 1/0 in an electrical circuit. The techniques and math are the same as any logic systems. The design implements the logic is a fundamental decision making machine. Digital design is the foundation to computer architecture and construction.


Sr Design I
EE4103 is the first senior design class for electrical engineers.  Students work on a team to develop, design, fabricate, and demonstrate a major project.  The teams compete for the design that will return the most profit.  Finances are a topic.  Fall Semester.


Sr Design II
EE4203 is the capstone class for electrical engineers.  Students propose, design, fabricate, and demonstrate a major project.  In addition, work place environment is a topic.  Spring Semester.

EE2003 is the introductory class that discusses matrices, LaPlace, impedance, op amps, and alternating current.  Students primarily work problems.


Independent Study / Thesis / Design Report
Independent study is to permit the student to investigate areas of study not normally covered in the scheduled curriculum. It is assumed the student is highly self-motivated and will take on much of the role for investigating new material. The Professor will guide the direction of research and monitor progress.  The insights and experience can be phenomenal.  

Professional Engineering Review
A review course in preparation for the Principles and Practices professional exam is taught through the Division of Continuing Education. The six 3-hour sessions investigate problems in a book written for the course.  

Professional development and association is critical to the success of a scientist. My professional profile , affiliations, and association are listed along with links to the organizations.  
The professor brings over 30 years of industrial experience in engineering, management, training and international trade.  This provides a real world focus into the academic setting.

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Wanting freedom and financial stability led me to be a business owner.

Wanting to share my experiences led me to be a university professor.

A mentor is critical for your success as an engineer, entrepreneur, and an engaging person.