What We Do The failure analysis professionals.

Engineering, Failure Analysis, & Energy Consulting

We are specialists in energy systems including electrical, mechanical & petrochemical. Our firm has been world class consultants for over 30 years.  Our executives and professionals provide technical, leadership, and development consulting and training services. 


Δ  Our professionals and company are registered engineers in many states.

Δ  We maintain model engineer status with NCEES.

Δ  Our professionals are state licensed electrical contractors.

Δ  We have a FCC General Radiotelephone license.

Δ  We are very active and well-recognized in the failure analysis field.

Δ  We have many years of diverse experience in the petroleum & chemical industry.

Papers & Articles

The professionals have written numerous peer reviewed papers and articles that have been published in leading prestigious journals and magazines. A representative selection of articles from the past few years are provided. The professionals have also written several books.



The technical management is actively engaged in research and teaching at the University level. Access to this forum enhances developing engineering projects and concepts.

 Specialists in
energy systems
mechanical & petrochemical