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Project Name


Dr. Marcus O. Durham
Technical advisor, and/or customer if different from above.


Your Name (initial by you)
Collaborators Names (initialed by each)


MM/DD/YY (actual date submitted)
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Project ___________ 

The report will be a technical document that you provide to your boss or customer. The report should be a complete documentation of the project. The intent is to provide all the information so the project can be duplicated or advanced. Your next contract depends on the quality of your presentation. 

Notice, keep a copy of the report for your records. Much of the information will be used on succeeding projects. This is called 'file-drawer' engineering.

All the information must be typed and printed on a 'laser-quality' printer.  

Keep It Simple, Sam! 


1. Paper size 8.5 x 11"
2. Margins: 1", top, bottom, and sides
3. Font: Arial, 11 pt.
4. Spacing:  Single-spaced body, justified.
5. Paragraph:  One blank line between.  No indention is required.
6. Length: as required
7. Drawings: on separate page, computer generated.
8. Headers on other pages: at top, right margin include Name - # (page number)


1. A Cover Sheet should include project name, your name, date the project is due and date the project is turned-in. The cover sheet info can be at the top of a page with other items below it. 
2. A Table of Contents should list all the sections. 
3. A List of Figures provides reference to all drawings or figures.  It may be listed on the same page as the Table of Contents. 
4. An Executive Summary of one or two paragraphs should be used to sell the project. A discussion should include what you did and why.  Do not simply recite the project or information from another book.  Include problems encountered. Identify significant plan and/or schedule deviations.
5. The Software Documentation, if required, will include a complete listing of all the software required. 
6. A Drawing of the schematics must be completed on a computer aided drawing.  No hand-drawn drawings are acceptable. 
7. At least one paragraph should include future applications and ways to improve what you did.

Tables to Include

1. A Time Worksheet should list the time invested in each phase of the project.  Items to consider will be planning, software, hardware, trouble-shooting, and report preparation. 
2. A List of Materials should include the cost of each component, equipment, and supplies purchased.
3. A Support Equipment list will include all extraneous equipment. The list will include a personal computer (type optional), applications software packages, eprom burner, power supply, cables, and any other items required. 

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