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A presentation is an opportunity to tell others what you know. You are the expert on your topic. They want you to share your information.

1.  Presentations should be professional. You are a professional. Keep good taste.

2.  Keep within your allotted time, religiously. If you exceed your time, you are imposing on someone else. Exceeding your time carries the message that you think you are the most important person there.

3.  All presentations should be made using PowerPoint, unless otherwise directed. The number of slides, color, and amount of info on a slide are important considerations to a quality presentation.

4.  Your attire should be business dress. For gentlemen, that means a suit or sport coat with tie. For ladies, similar professional attire should be used.

5.  When speaking, be loud enough to project your voice. Use appropriate kinesics. Express yourself with your hands, naturally. Smile!

6.  You will be evaluated by your peers and the professor. Review the evaluation form to see what others will be looking for.

7.  Bring three, "3" copies of the evaluation form to use in evaluating your peers. These will be given to your peers. These evaluations are part of your grade.

8.  When evaluating, only positive comments are permitted. Everyone gets enough negative elsewhere. If something needs attention, address it with taste. If the person "picks his nose", use something like "you pick your nose with a certain flair." The message will get across with pleasing humor.

9.  Look at the appropriate chapters of our Leadership and  Success in Relationships & Communication book if you have questions.

10.  Your presentation may be saved & recalled from shared space.The presentations of all people must be accessible from my login. All the presentation files must be put in one folder. This greatly reduces the amount of time spent between the presentations in loading the next PowerPoint. Use common filespace.

11. Use a common format for the file name. It should be the course number, space, your last name, space, one word to describe the topic, then the extension. For example, "EE7073 Durham Directions.ppt".

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