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Systems Design & the 8051
Why is there a need for another book on system design or on the 8051 microcontroller? Actually, the answer is quite simple. There are numerous books on systems and digital design. There are even several on the 8051. However, we have found no reference that treats the 8051 as the basis of a system.

In addition, most books present substantial theory before introducing projects. The task of this book is to start building projects immediately after discussion of the relevant topics. After all, that is why most people want to be an engineer it is to build objects and see them work.

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Excerpts can be downloaded. The downloaded information is copyrighted. The information is provided here to expand the knowledge base. We ask you to give credit for any portion that you decide to use.

Systems Design & the 8051

is a 404 page softcover book published by TechnoPress. It is available for $25 plus shipping. Credit cards only.

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