Micro-Controller Board


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Parts list 090822.xls

Schematic 2007.pdf PC board upload 2007 zip


A complete board design includes schematic, parts list and zip files for production of a printed circuit board (PCB).

Instructions for ordering a PCB from www.4pcb.com.

1. Verify that this is a good design by using the www.freedfm.com site.
2. Once the freedfm.com confirmation email is received stating no errors have been found, proceed to www.33each.com.
3. Upload the same ZIP file that was used for the www.freedfm.com site.
4. Enter the following information
a. Part #: uP Board (could be anything you want)
b. Revision #: Fall 2006 (also could be anything you want)
c. X Dim: 7
d. Y Dim: 2.75
e. Soldermask: Both sides
f. Silkscreen: Both sides
g. Layers: 2
h. Quantity: 1
5. The website should automatically fill in the Design File Information
6. Enter your billing and shipping information. According to www.4pcb.com, they
will only ship to university addresses for the student special, so use the
EE department's address in the shipping section.
7. In the Comments section, be sure to write "Student" in order to get the
special. The student special allows a single board to be ordered for the
$33.00 price. Otherwise a minimum quantity of 3 will be required.

Preview and place your order!