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World class consultants for over 30 years.  Executives and educators provide leadership, business, and personal development consulting and training services.  Engineers provide electrical, computer, and facilities engineering, training, forensics, and failure analysis.  
Leadership and Success
in Relationships & Communication
How vast is the topic of Leadership & Success? How can you benefit from skills in leadership? Can there be success without leadership in some area? Are the principles and practices the same for an individual, a group, or a society? Is this a topic that can be taught or is it something that is innate? Are the principles global? How do you define leadership? What is success?


Personal or internal actions

The first book in the series, on relationships and communication, deals with individual relationships and how others perceive you. These chapters are primarily involved with areas that you can impact directly.

Leadership and Success
Organizations, Culture, &

Group or horizontal interactions

The second book in the series, on organizations, culture, and ethics, deals with the makeup of a venture or association. These chapters are primarily oriented toward optimizing the performance within a group that may be global.

Leadership and Success
in Economics, Law, & Technology

Society or external influences

The final book in the series, on economics, law, and technology, concentrates on the influences of society and groups outside your sphere. This book has practical, day-to-day keys that you can use to make your venture successful.

Systems Design and the 8051
Second Edition
A comprehensive micro computer design and reference book built around the 8051 family. The topics are developed from the perspective of engineers and researchers with the specific intent to provide all the tools to build a working computer. 
Micro-Controllers in System Design
The text is no longer in print. Systems Design and the 8051 is an excellent replacement. 
An Intellectual's Argument about God

Have you ever questioned whether there is a God? Are you skeptical about traditional religion and its dogma? Are you inquisitive enough to challenge conventional thought? Do you ever wonder what is wrong with me or what is wrong with everything? Have you ever wondered is this all there is?

Congratulations. You are normal. This short treatise is from the perspective of an intellectual and scientist with the same questions. First, it is not a religion discussion. Second, it challenges dogma. Third, it is pragmatic.

Who Is This God?
How does the supernatural relate to people? Do you have curiosity and many questions about the supernatural? Do most books on the topics get too deep or too far out? Is there really a Creator or did the universe just happen? What are angels? Since the beginning of history, these questions have been the topics of theology and mythology.

A fascinating new book that looks at the Creator, angels, and people in theology, mythology, and history.  The topics are developed from the perspective of researchers and scientists with the specific intent to remove theological terms.  The material is presented in practical language for real life application.

The publisher division assists authors in getting their works to print.  We provide a complete range of services including editors, graphics arts, cover design, obtaining ISBN numbers, and getting the work printed.  Depending on your needs, we can provide fee, hourly, or contract  services.  To support you, we can present seminars to your group.  Please contact us with your requests.  

Commercial Pilot

Scientist, researcher, author, lecturer, entrepreneur, international consultant, professional engineer, commercial pilot, amateur extra class, university professor, seminary dean,
Fellow-IEEE, Diplomate-ACFE, Certified Homeland Security-ACFE,
IEEE Kaufmann Medal,
Presidential Committee Medal of Honor,
 and numerous Who's Who.


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