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In the normal development of any project or design there are changes before the next version is complete. This list applies to the board design variations.





The zip file has four boards on the layout.


The student special is $33 regardless of whether the board is 1" x 1" or 60sq in.


With four boards on the layout, there is a $55 array charge. The layout is 6"h X 10"w.  So ordering an array of 4 and paying $88 is still a much better deal than ordering one for $33. Four of you can order together if you want to save a few $$.

If you want order just one board, specify a board size of 6"h x 2.5"w and put instructions in the note field to just make one of the boards from the array of 4.  Advanced Circuits will just make the one board and charge $33 plus shipping.


1.  The code for the LCD routine has one little hook. The DPTR is used in two ways. As the first instruction in ScrData save DPH & DPL the recover them just before the return

       mov   scrhi,dph

       mov   scrlo,dpl


       mov   dph,scrhi

       mov   dlp,scrlo


2.  The big keypad program works fine. There is a challenge with the shorter one.