Travel & Medical - Items

  Aspirin 2 Tincture of Benzoin,tighten skin before bandage
8 Acetaminophen, 325mg, tylenol (not for inflame) 2 Triple antibiotic ointment, neosporin
8 Ibuprofen, motrin   Antiseptic/anesthetic ointment, bactine
  Allergic (antihistamine),epinephrin vs benadryl   Burn ointment, foille
8 Decongestant, non-drowsy   Allergic, hydrocortisone or aveeno
  Activated charcoal (purify, absorb, gas)   Opthalmic sol., 10%, sulfacetamide
  Motion sickness, 25mg, meclizine 2 Sting-aid pads
8 Acid indigestion x1, constipation x2, phillips mag    
12 Pepto bismol (1 pre-meal,2-4 after dubious)   WOUND MANAGEMENT
  (2 - 4x per day for preventative up to 3 wks)   Butterfly closure
15 Diarrhea, 2mg, imodium 12 Strip bandages, assorted sizes
  Antibiotic/ severe diarrhea, 500mg, ciprofloxacin 2 Knuckle bandages
  Sleeping aid, passion flower 4 Gauze pads, 3x3
    4 Non-adherent sterile dressing, 2x3"
  NUTRITION, SKIN   Conforming gauze bandage 2"
  Salty snacks for dehydration on plane 1 Sterile eye pads
  Carbohydrates for airplane 2 Self adherent wraps, 1"
  Saline solution, dry nose on plane 1 Gauze roll, 2"
  Throat lozenges 1 Triangular bandage
  Vitamin C, vitamins & minerals 1 Elastic-roll bandage, ace
  Lip balm 2 Moleskin, 3x4 (cut blisters)
  ROUTINE 2 Vinyl gloves
  Sunglasses 2 Latex surgical gloves
  Flashlight 2 Biohazard sealable waste bags & trash bag
  Change for pay phone   Pocket mask
  US Dollars for tips 2 Tongue depressors
  Paper cups   TOOLS
  Toilet paper 1 Tweezers
  Wash wipes 3/day or Hand Sanitizer   Nail Clippers
  Motion sickness, accu-pressure bands 1 Scissors
      Swiss Army Knife
  WASH-UP 2 Safety Pins
2 Cotton swab, sterile, Q-tip 1 Bulb irrigating syringe
  Antimicrobial hand wipe, Sani-Dex®   Mirror, small and unbreakable
12 Alcohol /antiseptic wipes 1 Tempadot or thermometer
4 Iodine / germicide wipes   Sewing kit, needle
  Cleansing soap, Dr. Broners Castille   Duct tape
      Adhesive tape, hypoallergenic, 1/2"x50 yds
  HYDRATION   Candles & matches
12 Electrolyte tabs, 1/day/person    
  Gatorade powder, 2L/day/person   CHEMICALS
      Bug repellent, deet
  SPECIAL   Clothes bug repellent, permethrin
  WHO oral rehydration powder   Bug spray
a Malaria medication   Chemical heat
  Water treatment device / iodine pills for water   Chemical cold packs

 Medical Kit





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