EE 3003

Electrical Engineering Instrumentation

The class:
The Engineering Instrumentation Design class involves working numerous problems from the various engineering disciplines.  To provide an understanding of the implementation of the instruments, ten projects will be developed during the semester.  Since these are open ended, you will develop your own design, procedure, techniques, and materials.  No two projects are expected to be similar because of the creative nature of your design.

Each project must be calibrated to allow interpretation of the data.  The calibration may be a table or graph showing the output effect of input changes.  A minimum of two points are required.  For very non-linear system, more points may be needed.

Each project must have a typed report submitted by the due date.  The report must include the following information as a minimum.

All reports and written material will be typed.

Cover Page:
The cover page must include the project name, project number, course name and number, your name, collaborators name, due date, and submittal date.

Cost Page:
The cost page will include a material list of each component and its cost.  In addition, a section will identify the time required for design and material gathering, fabrication, calibration, and report preparation.

A diagram of the mechanical and electrical components must be drawn.  Several drawing packages and schematic programs are available for your use.  They must be used for the reports.  Sketches may be used for preliminary proposals.

Analysis and Description:
A brief description of the project will include its purpose and application.  The analysis will identify problems encountered and how well the project worked.  Recommendations for improvements and alternatives to your method are a necessary component.

Project List:  
The order of the projects may vary slightly from the list to accommodate material and equipment.

1.         Stress, strain, and modulus measurement

2.         Thermocouple

3.         Thermistor

4.         Water detector

5.         Corrosion monitor

6.         Position sensor

7.         Pressure transducer

8.         Voltmeter and ammeter

9.         Photosensor

10.       Your custom design monitor


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