EE 7993, etc - Independent Study, Thesis, and Design Report


Fall / Spring

Time: By arrangement


EE 4103


Dr. Marcus O. Durham, PE
The professor has over 20 years of microprocessor and design experience.

Office Hours:


Office: U395




Website: www.DrMod


The aim of this course is to permit the student to investigate areas of study not normally covered in the scheduled curriculum. As an independent study, it is assumed the student is highly self-motivated and will take on much of the role for investigating the material. The Professor will guide the direction of research and monitor progress. 


Typically the course will cover weekly one-on-one interaction. In addition weekly memos and three project reports will be required. A formal presentation with slides may be required at the end of the semester.


The first memo will outline the proposed areas of study, what are the goals you wish to accomplish, and how will you know if you get there.

Text & Material

As required


No exams are scheduled. The project reports will cover the topics.


Weekly conference

Weekly memos
Project reports (3)
Final presentation

Professor judgment (quantum number)



Letter grades:

Division points between letter grades will be based on student performance and best judgment of the instructor.


1. Attendance in conference is expected. Points will be taken off final grade for poor attendance.

2. There is no such thing as a stupid question, except the one not asked. Chances are others don't understand it either.

3. Students are expected to do their own research and reading. Students are expected to seek assistance if necessary. The instructor interprets students coming to his office to ask questions as eager beavers worthy of high grades. Students in trouble who don't try to straighten out their problems immediately and are in more trouble than they think.

4. No make up exams or late assignments will be permitted unless arranged in advance.

5. Fallibility of instructors is uncommon. However, in the unlikely event of a difference in opinion on grading, the question must be resolved within three days. Senility is common. Therefore, grades are as-is where-is for time greater than three days after posting.

Your job: 

The professor recognizes that problems of learning, earning, yearning, spurning, squirming and slumbering are unique to student life. Such problems will be treated with civility by a southern gentleman, but not with a great deal of compassion. You are a unique individual, wonderfully made, but the University environment demands your working within the same constraints imposed on others.


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