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EE Design 2 has a major capstone project. This can be anything of your choosing. There are several projects that have been requested by others that may be of interest to you as projects.

1. TU Hybrid Electric Vehicle project has needs for anyone that wants to work with controls, computers, and electronics.

2. Design the layout of a Microprocessor Board to be used in EE4263. The components, design, and present board are available for your use. The major component is using Protel software. This is an excellent project to develop skills in board design that will actually be used in future classes. The project provides you with the tools to design any board.

3. Design a Power Supply that can be used on both 120/240 VAC. This is for an ultraviolet water purifier. Schematics are available for the current design using only one of the voltages. Minimum components and simplicity are paramount. The units are for manufacture and use in Africa.

4. Design a high intensity, Low Power Lamp using ultra bright, white LEDs. The design should fit within a currently manufactured housing using a 6 volt lantern battery or a rugged housing of your choice. A switch must be provided for off-low power-high power. Two different uses are combined in this project. One is for emergency, portable lighting. The other is for solar-powered rechargeable batteries and use for routine lighting where normal electric power is not available.

The three design projects have all been validated for feasibility and can be readily accomplished within the time constraints of the class. These projects will be funded by the EE Department.


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