Senior Design I 

EE 4103

Electrical Engineering Senior Design I



The Senior Design classes involve developing two major projects during the year.  The first project is a common problem.  The problem will be worked in teams.  This is completed in the Fall Semester.  The second project is your unique design.  It may be worked with a partner.  It is planned in the Fall, and completed in the Spring Semester.  In lieu of the second project, there is an optional major project that is a cross-discipline system.

The projects will be handled as much like an industrial problem as feasible.  This will involve technical problems, as well as interpersonal skills.  The key necessity for survival is communications skills, manners, and ethics.  We will use several unusual reference books and will have guest lecturers from the community.  If you diligently apply these skills, your job interviewing will be significantly improved.

It will be a fun, exciting, and stimulating class.

Getting on the Team:
1. Prepare a resume.
2. Arrange an interview with two professors.
3. Discuss if you are applying for project manager, designer, or gopher.
4. The interviews will be used to determine which Team will hire you.
5. The professors will act as Personnel Managers.

Design Selection:
1. Meet your Team.  Name your organization.
2. Perform a feasibility study, select two possible designs.  Time limit is one week.
3. Consult with your Chief Engineer and Mentor, a faculty advisor.
4. When a design is approved, he will stamp it with the time and his signature.
5. After preliminary design, sell it to the Vice-President of Engineering, your instructor.
6. Only two teams may have a similar design.  In case of conflict, the earliest stamp wins.

-- To meet the competition, the final constructed project must cost less than $50.00.
-- Prepare a parts list.  Use the Digi-Key catalog for available components.
-- All parts must be ordered from the Purchasing Agent, the EE Department Secretary.
-- To reduce costs, orders are submitted to the vendor only one day a week.
-- Place your order with the Department Purchasing Agent before 9:00 AM, Thursday.

-- Build a prototype.
-- Test to meet the specifications.

-- The job market is very volatile.  
    One of the team members gets a different job offer and leaves.
-- The customer market requires the specs be modified to meet the competition.

-- Assemble and package a final design.
-- A competitive bidding will be held to determine the winning design in the market.
-- The project with the most profit wins.
-- Consider specifications, cost, selling price, and presentation.


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